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A specialized compatibility agent / acidifier / surfactant to assist with your pesticide sprays.

A product so effective that you can see it as it is being used. When using Spray-aide you will notice how it sticks like “honey” to the side of the jug making it difficult to rinse the jug. This is the retention that occurs with the spray droplet on the leaf surface. The retention ability means that more product is applied to the leaf surface and the droplet has a longer lifetime on the leaf allowing greater absorbtion of the chemicals. (To help rinse the jug simply add a few drops of Foam Fighter to the tank. This will not only help clean the jug but stop excessive foaming in the spray tank)

Spray-Aide has a strong ability to acidify (30-60mls per 100Lts). This means that breakdown due to alkaline hydrolysis is almost eliminated. Most waters are complex and can breakdown some chemistry rapidly. Spray-Aide allows the full amount of the chemical to be available to kill the target weed.

A softening of the cuticle also occurs which allows for more rapid and efficient uptake of the spray into the plant or insect.

The compatibility effect of Spray-aide allows products that have some slight antagonism to be mixed together. It is important when adding foliar nutrients to chemicals that Spray-Aide be added first. (A jar test of the mixture should always been done before using) If a glug forms in the tank Spray-Aide can been added to assist in reconstituting the glug.

Spray-Aides surfactant properties and multiple benefits means it is an ideal adjuvant for products like Glyphosate where problem water is used.

Key benefits for SPRAY-AIDE

  • Acidifies

  • Compatibility agent

  • Assist with penetration allowing faster more efficient uptake of the chemical

  • Surfactant – helps with coverage of the leaf surface on hard to wet plants

  • Retention that can be see

  • Low dose 30-60mls

  • Cost effective

  • Less drums 5Lt = 20Lt and 20Lt = 110Lt of similar products on the market

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Spray-Aide® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.

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