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Pod-Ceal™ is an innovative harvest management tool used to reduce pod shatter and seed loss in canola and some other crops that are prone to pod shatter. Pod-Ceal is a unique film-forming polymer formulation extracted from natural plant materials.

Applied at the correct growth stage, Pod-Ceal allows the Canola crop to grow to its full maturity, reducing problems of pod shatter and improving pod fill. Canola plants gain almost the entire seed yield during the final four weeks of pod development, however the Catch-22 is that Canola plants can have both mature and immature pods at the same time.

Pod shattering can affect crop yields and influence the time of harvest.

Key Benefits of Pod-Ceal

  • Minimization of shatter and cutter bar losses

  • Minimization of loss of seed quality

  • Allows the crop to reach its full yield potential

  • Allows full oil development

  • Achieves greater flexibility in harvesting

  • Minimization of green seed

  • Allows for direct harvesting in certain conditions

  • Standing canola allows faster crop drying following rainy weather

For more information click the link below to visit our comprehensive Pod-Ceal web site.

Pod-Ceal is available in 20L pack size

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