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Nutrient Express™ and Sugar Express™    
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-Nutrient Express™ and Sugar Express™ are the latest from the stable of patented Express Technology foliar fertilizers developed by Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Company (USA), containing the revolutionary Transcuticular Delivery System™.

Miller’s 60 years experience in producing high grade horticultural foliar fertilizer, led them to combine their experience with current research to produce the Express products. A product that stimulates the plants metabolism to increase its natural defences against diseases, stimulates flowering, reduces flower drop, improves fruit development and colour, increases the brix level of fruit and provides a higher absorption of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micro-nutrients into the leaves of plants.

What does it contain?

Nutrient Express and Sugar Express contains sea plant extracts from Ascophyllum nodosum (Kelp), Protein in the form of Amino Acids, Carbohydrates form Natural Plant Sources, a multi-vitamin complement and the Transcuticular Delivery System™ designed to ensure maximum absorption of the product into the leaf of the plant with minimal loss on the leaf.

It is the unique combination of many known plant growth stimulants that makes Nutrient Express a unique product. Powerful flower and growth promotion coupled with the highest quality foliar fertilizer in the world.

It contains Miller’s high quality NPK foliar fertilizers which are free of salt and low in biuret. Every Miller formula contains 100% chelated micro-nutrients.


How does it work?

Nutrient Express™ improves the metabolic activity of plants. It stimulates root growth, flowering, enhances flower retention, fruit development, nutrient availability, colour, ripening and sugar levels.

What is the Transcuticular Delivery System?

This is an advanced adjuvant system, designed to maximize absorption over wide ranging environments and stress conditions. The Nutrient Express and Sugar Express formulations are designed to be fully translocated through the phloem and xylem tissue in order to improve total plant utilization.

Normally foliar fertilizers begin to dry once applied to the leaves and begin to crystallize. The adjuvant system in Sugar Express has three main roles. Firstly it slows the drying process and crystallization of the foliar nutrient so that more is available to plants. Secondly, it is an effective penetrant helping Nutrients into the plant. Thirdly it protects the ingredients from wash off by rainfall.

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Nutrient Express® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.

Sugar Express® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.

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