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Improves the retention and deposition of your spray onto the leaf surface. A TRUE sticker that forms a polymer film helping hold the chemical spray droplet on the leaf under rain or irrigation events optimizing the performance of your program.

Nu-Film-P is an emusifiable film forming polymer based on natural Pinolene that has similar properties to the natural leaf cuticle. This means Nu-Film-P is soft on the cuticle and does not result in leaf burn as is often seen as a side effect of petrochemical based wetters.

Nu-Film-P penetration assistance combines with improved droplet lifetime making it ideal for both contact and systemic chemistry. Nu-Film-P vaporization minimization makes it an important adjuvant for spraying in the agriculture/urban interface to help minimize drift off the target area.

Nufilm P’s natural polymerization provides protection not only under rainfall and irrigation events but also environmental concerns like wind, UV light and volatilization. This film has the ability to also protect workers that have to re-enter the sprayed area that maybe sensitive to the chemical or the chemical vapor.

Ideal for spray windows of 7-10 days

Key Benefits of Nu-Film-P

  • “It Sticks” helps the pesticide stay on the leaf surface with rain or irrigation events

  • Natural product idea for use in crops bound for export

  • Better spray deposition

  • Better spray retention

  • Minimizes volatilization

  • Compatible with most chemicals

  • Extends droplet lifetime

  • Penetrates

  • UV degradation protection

  • IPM partner

Nu-Film-P is available in 5L, 20L and 208L containers

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Nu-Film® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.


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