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MP430 is a nutritional supplement derived from sea plant extracts of Ascophyllum nodosum, designed to improve plant growth, health and vigour.

MP430 also contains Nutrient Express® Technology which is the sole intellectual property of Miller Chemical & Fertilizer Corporation USA. This product contains protein in the form of amino acids, carbohydrates as well as Millers advanced adjuvant system “Transcuticular Delivery System™”.

Key Benefits of MP430

  • Low dose rate

  • Stimulates root development and flowering

  • Improve plant growth and fruit development

  • Increased tillering

  • Promotes natural plant defence against plant disease

  • Greater female flower vigour

  • Better pollination and flower set

  • Reduces apical dominance while increasing lateral bud development

  • Strengthens cell walls and plant stems

  • Better mobilization of nutrients, starches, sugars and amino acids

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MP-430® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.

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