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Hyper-Stik is a true sticker wetter used to hold and retain your spray on the leaf surface even with dew, rain or irrigation events. You can see the sticking and retention benefit as you pour the product in the tank. It has been described as using ‘honey”.

With just 1 hour sunlight Hyper-Stik forms a sticky elastic film which encapsulates and tenaciously holds the pesticide on the crop foliage. Where chemistry, like fungicides are used on overcast days with rain events a concern, Hyper-Stik will prevent wash-off assisting with optimum performance of the chemical.

Hyper-Stik polymer film, having a similar structure to the cuticle can assist with the cuticles natural protection barrier improving pesticide performance of fungicides. Especially in broadacre crops where there might only be one chance to apply the pesticide, Hyper-Stik is the ideal sticker/wetter to use.

Improvement in droplet lifetime and penetration also occurs allowing Hyper-Stick to be used with the range of chemical actions – Contact, Translaminar or Systemic chemistry.

Hyper-Stik improves spray deposition, while improving rainfastness and wash-off, as well as minimising volatilisation and environmental breakdown, thus confirming Hyper-Stik as the wetter/sticker of choice.

Benefits of Hyper-Stik

  • Spreads and sticks the droplet on the leaf surface

  • Improves retention of the spray on the leaf

  • Prevents the spray being washed of the leaf with rain or irrigation events

  • Minimizes pesticide volatilization

  • Ideal for broadacre foliar fungicides

  • Spray programs that require spraying twice a week

  • Reduce the effects of environmental degrading factors on the leaf surface

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Hyper-Stik® is a registered trademark of Miller Chemical and Fertilizer Corporation- USA.


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