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Exit is a non-ionic wetter, activator, enhancer and extender that uses Transcuticular Technology to improve the uptake and translocation of both water based and oil based chemistry.

Exit improves spray deposition and retention of the spray droplet on the leaf surface while at the same time spreading and improving leaf coverage. Exit’s new technology stands out from most surfactants used today.

A proprietary blend of adjuvant technologies formulated at specific ratios and selected for their unique synergistic properties with each other in combination with it being non-toxic and non-dangerous makes EXIT an excellent wetter option for urban spray programs.

The ability of Exit to hold the spray droplet on the leaf longer (droplet lifetime) means reduced surface crystallization and improved uptake of the chemicals used while reducing run-off to the environment.

When you use Exit you get improved movement through the cuticle, and translocation throughout the plant. In addition, the use of Exit reduces wash off by dew, rain or irrigation, while minimizing the environmental impact on pesticide performance.

Exit is the ideal adjuvant for urban spraying, recreational areas, forestry and the rural/urban interface or where translocation assistance is required like glyphosate.

Key Benefits for Exit

  • Activator – assists with optimum performance

  • Extender – minimizes the environmental breakdown effects on the chemicals on the leaf

  • Droplet lifetime – extends the time the drop is on the leaf allow great absorbtion of chemical

  • Penetrator – Assist with better and faster uptake of chemicals

  • Not washed off by due, rain or irrigation events

  • Good for most urban spraying especially glyphosate

  • Low rate

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