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Liquid Fungicide/Bactericide, used for disease control in various crops

Cop-IT is a dark blue aqueous complex of copper and ammonia with various additives. It is registered for disease control in a wide variety of vegetables, stone and pome fruits, nuts, tree crops, turf, ornamentals, broadacre and more.

Being a refined solution, it provides outstanding disease control.

Cop-IT leaves a durable, micro-thin film that is more persistent than wettable powders, strongly resisting wash off from rain and irrigation. This means fewer applications and longer lasting foliar protection.

A number of key benefits for Cop-It includes:

  • Uses less metallic copper than other copper fungicides thus reduces potential for copper toxicity

  • Contains no solids, so season to season waste is eliminated

  • Fully dissolved formulation

  • Will not freeze, and if the container is kept closed, it will not evaporate

  • Is ideal for both ground and aerial application, and can be applied at any time of day

  • Is compatible with most pesticides

  • Cop-IT is highly rainfast

  • No reported resistance to labelled diseases

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