The high value of Chickpeas this coming season, means that disease management is critical to maximise yield potential.

Hyper-Stik® is a true sticker wetter used to hold and retain your spray on the leaf surface even with dew, rain or irrigation events. You can see the sticking and retention benefit as you pour the product in the tank. It has been described as using ‘honey”.

Chickpeas are susceptible to a number a fungal diseases such as Aschophyta and also Botrytis. Getting the best control in the one or two times that the crop is treated is very important.

With just 1 hour sunlight Hyper-Stik® forms a sticky elastic film which encapsulates and tenaciously holds Mancozeb fungicide on the chickpea foliage. Even when Mancozeb is applied on overcast days with rain events a concern, Hyper-Stik® will reduce wash-off assisting with maximum retention of the fungicide and reducing the secondary infection of the fungus.

Hyper-Stik® is a polymer film, having a similar structure to the cuticle of the leaf, and can assist with the cuticle’s natural protective. Especially in Chickpeas where there might only be one chance to apply the fungicide, Hyper-Stik® is the ideal sticker/wetter to use.

With a low dose rate of just 100ml/100L water, Hyper-Stik® provides peace of mind for growers of this valuable crop.

Benefits of Hyper-Stik®

Spreads and sticks the droplet on the leaf surface
Improves retention of the spray on the leaf
Prevention of wash off
Minimizes pesticide volatilization
Ideal for broadacre foliar fungicides
Reduces secondary disease infection