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Agspec, the multi-national supplier of agricultural inputs, is celebrating a decade in business. From humble beginnings with just two or three staff and only one distributor, the company now employs around 70 highly skilled personnel in offices in Australia, Vietnam, Indonesia, The Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. Agspec also has key partners in Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and New Zealand. read more ->


Agspec Australia is launching its own line of specialty EDTA chelated trace element fertilisers under the brand Rapisol®. Since 2004, Agspec has established alliances with well-known European, US and Australian manufacturers, distributing their products throughout Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Agspec’s general manager, Jonathon Lillecrapp, said the company believed... read more ->

about AGSPEC

-Established in 2003, Agspec is a distributor of Agricultural inputs for Asia-Pacific agriculture. With established offices in Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and established distributors in New Zealand, Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar and Malaysia, Agspec is well positioned to bring new and exciting technologies to food producers throughout the region, allowing greater efficiencies in water management and food production.

The Asia-Pacific Region, including China and India, is home to almost 60% of the global population. Production of key food staples – providing the vital proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins for human sustenance – is crucial, not only for local consumption but also for export to developed nations. The Asia-Pacific market is characterized by a growing middle class, improving education and human nutrition, resulting in a growing demand for fruits and vegetables.

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